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Hatha Flow Yoga
This class combines all aspects of a traditional Hatha yoga class, breath, meditation, postures, whilst challenging your coordination through movement. The sequence of postures is carefully choreographed to create a smooth transition into each pose. There is no set routine but all sequences are always easy to follow. Some would describe the class as energising, rejuvenating, sometimes perhaps even a little challenging but always without a doubt nurturing and relaxing. This class is suitable for all abilities as different levels will be explained and demonstrated. For more information please email or call us. Please see schedule for times of classes.   




Restorative Hatha Flow Yoga 

In this class you tune into all rythms of your body to restore, open and release. Using basic props we will be exploring restorative variations of yoga poses, breathing excercises and meditations. We will recognise physical limitations, stiffness, or strain and learn how to work through this with comfort and ease. You will learn how to adapt and modify each pose to suit your needs of your body to make this class as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. At the end of every class there is a 10-15min relaxation.  This class is suitable for Beginners, students with injuries or if you are just getting back into Yoga.  For more information please email or call us. Please see schedule for times of classes.   




Hormone Yoga Therapy
Hormone Yoga is a natural therapy that uses different elements of Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga in combination with Tibethian energy exercises. Dinah Rodrigues, a psychologist and Yoga therapist, is the founder of Hormone Yoga Therapy, which she developed especially for women, before, in or after the menopause. Hormone Yoga Therapy is a dynamic intensive practice, aiming directly at hormone production, stimulating and massaging organs such as the ovaries, adrenal glands and thyroid. I completed my teacher training in Yoga hormone Therapy with Dinah at the beginning of this year and I am excited to pass this wonderful technique on to women who are looking for a natural way to balance hormones.    
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