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Sauna is hygiene. Wellness. Mind-body sensation. Ecstasy. Socialization. Meditation. Totally positive addiction. And, a way of life".( Naomi Moriyama)

The Sauna
Fire Pit
Ice Bath
The Garden Sauna Retreat 

In 2022 we added a Sauna to our garden which easily holds space for 6 people. I grew up in Germany where Saunas are very common, so it felt natural to add this to our garden which has now become our little sanctuary, even more so since Covid. Our Sauna has a very cozy feel to it with the Stove filled with about 50kg of original finish volcanic rocks. It does get very hot! There are so many benefits of a Sauna, from sweating out negative emotions, detoxifying the whole body and mind and pure relaxation. To cool off in between sessions we have a cold water shower and for those feeling a little more adventurous we offer Ice Baths that get filled with about 40kg of ice, brrrr... But as Wim Hof would say, my teacher is the cold! We run monthly Full Moon Yoga & Sauna Retreats and look forward to welcoming you. We also cater for groups on different dates, so please get in touch if you are feeling called and would like to find out more. Our Retreats were recently featured in 'The Telegraph', have a read.  




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